The finest quality rolling papers and smoking accessories, born in the heart of the Alps in 1894

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Let’s start off with the fella on the packets


In the 1800s, a French soldier (also known as a “Zouave”) had his claypipe broken by a bullet in battle. He had the brilliant idea of rolling his tobacco in a piece of paper, torn from a bag of gunpowder.

That was the birth of the first roll-your-own smoke, and as a tribute to that creative soldier, the image of ‘Le Zouave’ has been part of all Zig-Zag cigarette papers for over 100 years. The way the papers were later folded, or interleaved together in a zig-zag manner, gave birth to the name of these premium cigarette papers.

Zig-Zag offers a full range of smoking accessories – see for details.

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